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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Phoebe Hui, 許穎

Name: Phoebe Dreamy / Hui Wing / Xu Ying 許穎
D.O.B: 3-2-1989
Role: Model
Origin: Hong Kong
Height: 171 CM
Measurements: 34B 24 34
Lan Kwai Fong (《喜爱夜蒲》/ 《兰桂坊》)

Phoebe is a Chinese and Japanese descent. Her mother is a Japanese. She is a student and part-time model, previously awarded by Eric Kot (葛民辉) hand-picked to be Image Girl for his clothing line, 4A. She has launched an album << Love Is Free>>.

She is often referred to as “Kot girl” (葛女郎), after director-actor Eric Kot (葛民辉) handpicked her to be the image girl for his clothing line 4A. She was previously only known in Hong Kong until, in June 2011, a series of publicity stunts were carried out. Earlier that month, she was seen shopping
at an underwear store. Super proud of her curvy figure, Phoebe wore only a bra and hot pants walking around. Sometimes she bent down to further show off her missiles.

Then, in late June, she claimed she had lost her cell phone at a shopping mall, which caused the leak of some naked photos she took of herself on the phone. All of a sudden, the entire world is talking about this hot belle. But she is not embarrassed. Asked why she took the naked photos in the first
place, she said, “They are pretty! Better do it when I’m young. Hope the public doesn’t think too much of it. Many foreign female celebrities do the same!”

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